Stylish apartment

What is Phuket? ... It is a place where there is everything !! It is a paradise !! It's a lot of unforgettable experiences and emotions !! Shops, markets, bazaars, a variety of restaurants, nightlife and, of course, night clubs, where even the most sophisticated inhabitants of the planet will be pleasantly surprised ... Where? Where is this place? Of course in Patong. Phuket!
Phuket pleases us not only with entertainment infrastructure, shops and shopping, and a variety of clean white sand beaches which is why a multitude of people seek out Phuket from around the world. Seafood restaurants with Thai and European cuisine, a lot of night clubs... That is what makes these apartments one of the most popular destinations for leisure travelers.

The complex consists of five four storey buildings. Two of them are the hotel with all its attributes and two allocated for housing condominiums. The entire project is fenced and guarded 24 hours a day. The complex has everything you need for modern man: two swimming pools (one of which is located on the roof of the building) gym, a restaurant and a small playground. There are parking spaces for trucks.

Each apartment is equipped with a small kitchenette, wardrobe, bathroom with shower and a bedroom. All apartments have air conditioning and TV, allowing for being comfortable. For the ladies provided trellis high mirror and cupboards for cosmetics. Wide floor to ceiling windows give a feeling of space and comfort.

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